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Experienced Legal Counsel For Municipalities

Local leaders must fulfill a challenging role. Balancing the diverse needs of the community while adhering to the law often presents conflicts.

Our attorneys at Czajkowski Higgins & Tisdale, S.C., have a history of supporting municipalities with skilled legal guidance. We work with local governments to develop solutions for the complicated issues they encounter. Call us to partner with our experienced lawyers in Prairie Du Chien.

Giving You More Time For Leadership

Our team assists Wisconsin municipalities with several areas of law, including:

  • Zoning, land use and city planning
  • Utilities
  • Contracts with developers or other private entities
  • Local taxes, particularly real estate taxes
  • Drafting ordinances and resolutions
  • Advising commissions and committees
  • Open records requests
  • Litigation defense and representation

Municipal leaders can focus on decision-making and bringing conceptual ideas to fruition for their constituents. Meanwhile, our lawyers can keep tabs on important legal issues that could stand in your way.

We Offer Customized Partnership

Municipal law is a unique area of law. Because each community has its own distinct set of rules and needs, the attorney should be flexible enough to learn and adapt their services to suit the municipality.

We hold high standards at our firm, which means we pay close attention to our clients in the public sphere. Our attorneys draw upon an extensive network of legal resources to ensure that we are providing the most accurate, comprehensive answers possible.

Call Our Dedicated Team

As a small firm featuring attorneys with wide-ranging experience, we can devote the attention and skills that your community deserves. For a consultation to meet our lawyers, call 866-380-4670 or email our office.