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Check Real Estate Issues Off Your To-Do List

Whether you are looking for a family home or managing a business property, real estate can be vital for your life goals. However, property laws are complex – and a misunderstanding could derail those life goals.

Czajkowski Higgins & Tisdale, S.C., offers comprehensive real estate law counsel in Prairie Du Chien. We partner with homeowners, business owners, landlords and developers to help them get the most value from their property. Whether you are ready for a transaction or face a dispute, our lawyers work to make the process easier for you.

Legal Support For Your Project Or Transaction

Our attorneys guide clients through residential and commercial property needs, including:

  • Buying or selling property, which can involve disclosures, discrimination and other legal concerns
  • Negotiating a lease agreement
  • Seeking approval for a specific use of the property
  • Considering environmental regulations and other local laws
  • Preparing to pass property to loved ones

Before entering an agreement or transaction, ensure that you have the information you need to make strategic decisions. We stay vigilant to identify and solve legal issues before they would impact you.

Ready For Litigation And Conflict Resolution

Real estate issues can develop into significant legal problems, including:

  • Contract disputes for development or renovations
  • Title disputes
  • Land use violations
  • Boundary and easement issues
  • Landlord-tenant disputes

When a conflict involves real estate, you might face a risk of expensive repairs, property value loss, limitations to how you can use your property and more. Our lawyers proactively address disputes before they reach the point at which trial becomes necessary. We work to negotiate a resolution that suits your goals.

However, in complex or contentious disputes, our team will be prepared to stand up for your needs in litigation. Our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience in Wisconsin. We know how to make your voice heard to protect your property and rights.

Speak With Our Dependable Attorneys

At Czajkowski Higgins & Tisdale, S.C., we learn about what you want to get out of your property. Our lawyers strive to use their experience to turn that goal into a reality. Call 866-380-4670 or email us for a consultation.